Always an enthusiast of music, Peter (DJ Esquire) found it easy to take the leap into the world of DJing and music production. His musicianship began in his teen years with an acoustic guitar and carried through college with countless jam sessions on electric guitar and bass guitar, catalyzing to song writing and his first experience with recording.

The desire to begin DJing came about simply and spontaneously, during a party when he was offered to “try it out.” That offer has lead to what has now been a few years of learning, enjoyment, and progression in his next level of musicianship. In turn, Peter’s love for electronic dance music has grown greatly, while maintaining his interest in hip-hop.

To check out DJ Esquire mixes, visit http://soundcloud.com/dj_esquire


2 Responses to About

  1. Seth says:

    Want to go ahead and say you are one helluva top40/house DJ. I’m not a fan of top40, but your mixes keep me listening to it on a regular basis.

    Anyways, every year we host a rave at my school called Dave’s Rave. This year, we were running short on room so there is no DJ to be had. The decision instead, we’re going to put on a couple of your mixes for the night. (Summer Carnival, Sounds of Forever, Touch Tonight)
    Just wanted to get a go ahead from you to see that it’s all right to promote your soundcloud along with it, it’s the least we could do. Plus we’re still looking for the last mix to use at this party, any recommendations?

    • Peter says:

      Hey Seth, thanks so much for the support. Of course you can use the mixes and I would appreciate the plug of my Soundcloud page man! As for the last mix, I recently posted a progressive trance mix called Tunnel Vision Volume 1 on my soundcloud that is one of my favorites to date. Mainly progressive trance if it works. Thanks again mate! Have fun.

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